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[FULL] MOMENT a Taxi Driver Tries to Stop His Fare Dodger

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Описание материала:

The moment a taxi driver tries to stop his fare dodgerThe moment a taxi driver tries to stop his fare dodger / Moment taxi driver makes citizen arrest after woman tries to flee his cab without paying £25 fare.This is the moment an irate taxi driver makes a citizen's arrest after a woman tried to flee his cab without paying her £25 fare.The brazen woman refused to pay driver Phillip Williams at the end of her 15-mile journey, leaving him with no choice but to restrain her while pleading for passers-by to call the police.The 10-minute altercation was captured on film and shows the angry driver holding the woman's arm in Dudley town centre, West Midlands, and shouting: 'She owes me £25 taxi fare, can someone call the police please.'But rather than help the distressed driver, passers-by confronted him and ordered him to let her go.Footage shows the woman struggling with the man, kicking his car door and grabbing his face as she tried to escape his grip.The 58-year-old driver who works for Star Cars and Coaches in Erdington, Birmingham, can be heard in the video saying to the woman: 'Show me identification and I'll let you go. All I am asking for is a name and address and I will let you go.'The only support he seems to get is from an elderly woman who asked the crowd of about 50 people which had gathered around him whether they would be prepared to lose the money.She said: 'If he lets her go will you pay her taxi fare? If she owed you money would you let her do one? 'If she owes him money she has got to pay him. How can she have a taxi and not pay?'But after being closed in by the mob, the self-employed driver was forced to let the woman go and was left out of pocket.Footage of the incident, which happened on July 4, has gone viral on Facebook, causing Mr Williams to receive more than 2,000 messages of support saying he was right to apprehend the woman.The 19-year-old passenger, who is not being named publically, had told the driver she had an exam and needed to get to Dudley Library as quickly as possible when Phillip picked her up from her home in Erdington, Birmingham at 2pm.When they arrived she told him she needed to go inside to get the money, which sparked his suspicion.Mr Williams went in with her, fearing she would flee without paying. She then confessed she didn't have the money and asked him to drive her to a cash point. But as they arrived at the town centre cashpoint she tried to run, so Mr Williams jumped out to restrain her.Today, the father-of-four from Aston, Birmingham, said: 'I grabbed her because she tried to run off. I asked her to give me her name and address but she started screaming blue murder and next thing there were about 50 people videoing me and taking photos.'I was restraining her and asked if someone could call the police and help me out but no one did.'One man was insisting I had to let her go and threatened to call the police on me for assault. I thought I was doing the right thing just by restraining her.'I am an honest man trying to earn a living. It is hard enough in the taxi game now - it is very competitive.'She said she'd give me her details so I let her go and she ran off.'£25 is a big fare. I can't let people run off without paying. You could not go into Asda and spend £25 on food and not pay. It is not acceptable.It comes straight out my pocket.'I did not do anything wrong. I lost two hours that day and missed another fare.'The woman has since been identified, been made to pay the fare and banned from using the taxi firm.Mr Williams added: 'We all do foolish things when we are young but people need to know they can't do this to taxi drivers.'I've been driving 23-years and it's not the first time this has happened and I am sure it won't be the last.'She has since apologised so that is the end of it. I am surprised at how much interest this has generated but it is nice to know people are on my side.'Martin Walker, operations manager of Star Cars & Coaches, said: 'The footage is concerning when you see it because you don't know the full circumstances of what's occurred. When you understand the full circumstances your realise the pressure the driver was under at the time.'In that situation he was surrounding by members of the public filming him and it was an exasperating position to be in. It is not a nice video to watch. 'At the end of the day it is a happy resolution and nice to know there are so many people on the driver's side. I would expect any of our drivers to react that way.'A spokesman for the firm added: 'This passenger booked a vehicle and did a runner. It was a £25 fare - it was not a short journey.'It has created such a big thing. It happens every day of the week. It is wrong. It is classed as milking.

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Длительность материала: 00:04:19
Автор: Luke honest
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